New 10 year temporary resident visas coming


As some readers may know, certain individuals coming from these countries require a temporary resident visa before entering Canada according to the current Canada immigration rules.

However, for those who travel often to Canada and who pose a low risk of overstaying, applying for a multiple entry visa is time consuming for both the applicant and for CIC.

CIC will soon be issuing 10 year multiple entry temporary resident visas for low risk applicants.  In particular, parents and grandparents who live abroad and who currently have a sponsorship application underway by a Canadian relative will be eligible for this visa (as will others).

I have to commend CIC for moving in this direction.  Parent and grandparent sponsorship applications are lengthy processes. It is a great benefit for parents and grandparents to be able to visit family before finalizing their immigration sponsorship applications.

Does this mean that individuals can stay for more than 6 months during the year? No, it does not. But it does mean that only one application for a temporary resident visa will be required which will allow entry over a 10 year period.

I will also predict that any individual issued such a visa who overstays in any particular year will likely have the multiple entry visa revoked and will have to apply for a TRV on a regular basis each time he or she wishes to enter Canada.

Click here for the full story from the government of Canada.

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