Video Tutorial: Separation Declaration For Minors Travelling From Non-Accompanying Parent IMM5604


If you’ve ever tried to cross the border into Canada (or try to get through customs) with a child where both custodial parents are not present, then you know the need for this form.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (which controls entry into the country) and CIC are extremely cautious in allowing minor children to travel with one custodial parent (or no custodial parents).

The risk that a parent is removing a child from a foreign jurisdiction into Canada without the other parent’s consent is too great. This form is a key part in allowing children to enter into Canada without a custodial parent or guardian present.

This form only applies to “minor” children, which is either eighteen years old or nineteen years old, depending on the province.

If you can not get this declaration signed by a non-accompanying parent or guardian, you should hire a lawyer as it can get complex at this stage.

As with all of our forms videos, you should not rely on them to ensure the form is completed correctly. You should use them in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada instructions and guides. As well, the forms are updated occasionally by CIC, so the form in this video may not represent the most current form available.

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