Testimonials are provided by previous clients with permission.  Either partial or full names are used in accordance with client instructions.  A few of our more recent testimonials are presented below:


“Immigration is a very tough, staged process that requires great precision to detail, patience and a lot of paperwork. Mr. Panusa has helped me tremendously in helping to prepare all the documentation properly, giving the advice when needed and suggesting a proper course of action and explaining the process step by step. His response time was very fast every time I had a question, he communicated very well and he was right on the spot. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Max K.


“Starting the process for Canadian Immigration seemed daunting at first but after talking and working with John Panusa from PanCanadian Immigration Law Group the experience provided me the peace of mind that I needed. The service and professionalism from beginning to end was unparalleled during the entire immigration process, but most importantly he was always available to advice and answer any questions no matter how trivial they were or what day/time it was providing constant reassurance that you are in good hands”

Ali A.


“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and assistance with my case. You have gone above and beyond during this long and drawn out process. I thank you for your continued correspondence and professionalism and wish you the best in your professional endeavors.”



“Looking for a good lawyer, is hard enough, finding one in a foreign country of which you aren’t familiar is even harder.  Thankfully, after a lot of diligent research I found John Panusa at Pan Canadian Immigration.  I have to admit that when I saw that Mr. Panusa does everything via email, to save his clients high legal fees, I was more than a bit skeptical…so I wrote to him and he promptly answered all my questions without hooks, gimmicks, or lines.  Since hiring his firm he has gone far and above what I would have expected and I have found him to be honest, efficient, and highly responsive to needs.  Should I have anymore issues in the future, I will not  hesitate to use him again, or recommend him to others!”



“I am pleased to write this testimonial for Mr. Panusa. He is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. Our green card case was fairly complicated, with our files almost being lost at one point. I also had a ton of questions during the process. Mr. Panusa was extremely responsive and was able to address all our queries. He also filed the paperwork accurately. He was also able to keep a track on our files, and work with the Buffalo CIC manager to ensure continuous processing. He advised us during the entire process (even during medicals etc.) of the appropriate steps we needed to take. Without him, I have no doubts that our files would not have been processed. Even after our landing, Mr. Panusa continued to answer our questions and guide us through relocation. It is extremely important to have an experienced lawyer by your side as immigration is one thing which can really set you up for your life. My family will be forever thankful to Mr. Panusa for his help. I will wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Panusa to any individual who wishes to immigrate to Canada.”



“I want to thank CIC and the Canadian government for opening the doors to me. More specifically I am very grateful to my immigration representative Gianpaolo Panusa for having the knowledge, patience and dedication in  handling my permanent resident application. I never thought the process could be so complex at times, but I was very relieved when Gianpaolo always had the best answer or course of action during the processing of my case. He’s indeed a professional who cares very much about his clients. That’s a great combination. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Gianpaolo again if I needed to. Thanks Gianpaolo.”

Juan C. R.


“My visa application went smoothly. PanCanadian Consultancy gave sound advises and they really know the perfect approach to take. John is really updated with the immigration policy. The idea of applying for a visa is overwhelming enough but having the PanCanadian Consultancy handle it, made it surprisingly quick and hassle-free. It was all worth it.

Gren P.


“As an airline professional, it was important that my immigration needs were handled expeditiously.  Mr. Panusa worked hard and handled my case effortlessly.  He is very communicative and a true professional.  I would highly recommend his services!”

Joshua D.


“I fully recommend, without hesitation the services of John Panusa at the PanCanadian Immigration Law Group.  John helped us with our relocation to Toronto, Canada from the London, UK assisting us through every stage of our Family Class application. Very professional at all times, John answered endless questions and went above and beyond the services for which he was engaged”

Carlo D.


“John was extremely helpful, he answered all my e-mails promptly. Having someone how was knowledgeable about all the immigration rules and regulation that could guide me through the process made the whole experience less stressful.”

Michelle D.