New Application Process


There is a new, simplified application process coming for permanent resident economic class applicants (i.e., skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs) that is supposed to begin September 1, 2006. Under this process, a simplified application form (plus application fees) will be submitted to the appropriate CIC office. This will get the applicant in the queue. Once the application is close to being evaluated (within about 6 months of evaluation) CIC will ask for all the supporting documentation.

Once implemented, this will be a much better process. It will allow people to get into the queue quickly, and take their time collecting all the relevant evidence. One positive step forward.

Please note that this process will not apply to sponsorships, nor will it apply at Buffalo, which will continue to use the existing application process.

About the author

Gianpaolo Panusa Gianpaolo Panusa is a Canadian immigration lawyer, writer, and founder of the PanCanadian Immigration Law Group based in Vancouver, Canada. Google+ Profile