Visa Issues Damage Canada’s AI Technology Goals

Visa Issues Damage Canada's AI Technology Goals | Evelyn Ackah | Immigration Lawyer

Conference organizers report that international researchers and scientists traveling to Canada for a global artificial intelligence conference experienced visa backlog problems and that visa issues damage Canada’s AI technology goals. Prominent international scientists and AI researchers traveling to the NeurIPS conference in Montreal in early December did not have their visas processed on time or were denied visas. As reported by The Star, most of those whose temporary visas whose visas were caught in the backlog were African researchers.

Organizations including Black in AI and SOCML have l0st participants due to visa issues. Canadian scientists and conference organizers took to social media to report their frustrations with the Canadian government and said that the visa problems for researchers and scientists will damage Canada’s reputation as a technology hub and may push AI conferences to avoid Canada.

Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah says the Canadian government must streamline the visa bureaucratic maze while maintaining immigration standards, and that we need to closely monitor the government’s current AI immigration pilot program:

Canada enjoys the benefits of a world-class tech community, many of them foreign workers and highly skilled and educated technology ex[erts who moved to Canada. I have seen life-altering application mistakes happen time and again, and it’s time to change the bureaucratic maze. Plus, new research says the use of AI – artificial intelligence – may in fact discriminate against immigrants.  

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