New IELTS Rule for certain Canada Immigration Applicants is Bizarre


In the past, a federal skilled worker application required an IELTS or other evidence of English language ability (or evidence of French language ability). As well, this evidence could be submitted after the application was filed in order to get into the queue and begin processing.
Now, federal skilled worker applications (and Canadian experience class applicants) require IELTS results at the time of application. Even more bizarre, IELTS results are required for native English speakers!
That’s right – if you were born and raised using the English language, you still have to provide Citizenship and Immigation Canada with English language exam results.
I can not understand this new rule, especially given the fact that it appears at odds with the legislation. It appears to be one additional but unnecessary hurdle for certain applicants.
In any case, be sure to get your IELTS done and have your results in hand before applying.

About the author

Gianpaolo Panusa Gianpaolo Panusa is a Canadian immigration lawyer, writer, and founder of the PanCanadian Immigration Law Group based in Vancouver, Canada. Google+ Profile