Immigration "Lock-In" Dates


Parents take note: if your child is approaching age 22 and you plan to immigrate to Canada, you should ensure your application is submitted to the appropriate Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) processing office before your child turns 22. CIC will “lock-in” your child’s age as of the date of the application, so even if your child is over 22 by the time your application is accepted, he or she will still be admissible to Canada as your dependent child (so long as all other requirements are met).

Section 5.19 of the CIC Oversease Processing Procedures states that “Lock-in (of age) occurs when a visa office has accepted a submission as an application…If age is a factor that makes an applicant admissible, officers should use their age on the lock-in date. As long as they are the right age on the lock-in date, they can surpass it before admission.”

So get that application in as soon as possible, even if you don’t yet have some supporting documentation that is not essential for a complete application (e.g., criminal record check, etc.) .

There are certain circumstances under which a child who is over age 22 can accompany his or her parents, but I’ll cover those another time.

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