Changes Coming to the Immigration System


There are big changes coming to the immigration system that will offer Canada as destination to individuals who until now have not had the oportunity to immigrate to Canada.

New Trades Stream

The Minister responsible for immigration announced that he intends to introduce a new trades stream in the next few months.

As many of you may know, the permanent residence immigration system is focussed on university and college graduates. Those with trades skills (such as welders, carpenters, machinists and so forth) may have difficulty under the current system.

This new stream will allow those with trades to apply for permanent residence with much greater ease, as the points system will change as well.

We’ll provide more details as they become available.

Employers will drive system

Employers will have a much greater role in the new system. Foreign individuals who are identified by Canadian employers as desired employees will be fast-tracked and approved very quickly. The reasoning is that employers are better suited to identify needed immigrants than the government.

Getting a job offer in Canada will be much more important than the current system to both qualify and enter Canada quickly.

Language abilities

Proficiency in English or French will be of greater importance in the new system. Currently, individuals gain points for language ability but it sounds like in the new system, fluency (or close to fluency) will be required in the new system.

So start studying English now if you English is not your first language, as you’ll have to show a high level of proficiency if you plan to apply to immigrate to Canada later.


There will be an emphasis on attracting younger foreign applicants, as Canada’s demographics show an aging population. Younger people are required to ensure a healthy tax base.

As such, youth should count more in the new points system.

Occupational qualifications

There will be a system introduced to “pre-screen” applicants to determine if their occupational or professional qualifications will be recognized in Canada.

This will allow applicants to know if they can continue to practise their trade or occupation when they arrive in Canada, and it may also influence whether or not that individual will be approved.

The next few months will introduce some of the most substantial changes to the immigration system that we’ve seen in a very long time.

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