Canadian Economic Recovery Means Opportunities for Foreign Workers


The recession in Canada has come to an end. A recent report by he Toronto Dominion Bank has stated that Canada’s economy will grow by a robust 2.5 per cent next year due to improvements in the housing sector, consumer spending, exports and commodity prices.

The bank’s forecast is substantially higher than its previous prediction of 1.4 per cent GDP growth next year. In 2011, the Canadian economy is forecast to grow by 3.1 per cent.

TD chief economist Don Drummond said exports will contribute to Canada’s growth for the first time in two years beginning in the third quarter of this year. TD estimates Canadian exports will be up 25 per cent in the July to September quarter.

Why is this important to foreign workers? As you will know from reading my blog, skilled worker applications are currently restricted to 38 occupations. One way to overcome this restriction is get work experience in Canada. As the economy continues to improve, employers will have an easier time showing difficulty in hiring Canadians for certain jobs.

Employers who can show that they need foreign workers can get a positive labour market opinion which allows a qualified foreign worker to get a work permit.

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Gianpaolo Panusa Gianpaolo Panusa is a Canadian immigration lawyer, writer, and founder of the PanCanadian Immigration Law Group based in Vancouver, Canada. Google+ Profile