CAIPS Revisited


CAIPS stands for “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System” and contains all the determinations made by a visa officer reviewing your file, as well as concerns the visa officer may have.

It is always a good idea to request the CAIPS notes on your file if processing is taking longer than expected. For example, perhaps Citizenship and Immigration Canada is waiting for information from you and you never received the request. Or perhaps the visa officer has a concern about the validity of a document but you were never informed.

CAIPS allows you to see issues with your application which you can quickly address by communication with the office handling your immigration application.

If you are scheduled for an interview you should get your CAIPS which will likely reveal why the interview was called and which concerns the visa officer will raise with you.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only send CAIPS to a Canadian address or to a representative in Canada. If you are not in Canada there are several firms who will obtain CAIPS for you for a fee.


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