No Application Fee For Temporary Resident Permit


Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently announced a waiver of application fees for temporary resident permits.

Just to put things in context, a temporary resident permit is required for individuals who are not admissible to Canada due to a criminal charge or conviction if they wish to enter Canada for a temporary period.

Note that criminal rehabilitation applications are required to permanently deal with any criminal convictions so a temporary resident permit would not be necessary.

CIC has now waived this fee on a one-time basis (so if you’ve applied before and need to renew this waiver may not apply to you.

As well, there are only certain offenses or convictions which will qualify for the application fee waiver.

The offense or conviction must not have resulted in a prison term – so no prison term can be part of the sentence.

As well, the applicant must only have one conviction – multiple convictions won’t qualify for the fee waiver.

CIC gives the example of driving under the influence (driving while drunk) as an offense that may qualify for the fee waiver.

As well, the fee waiver applies at both applications made to a foreign consulate as well as applications made at a port of entry.

This is a positive change. It used to be that applications made at a port of entry would only charge a fee if the application was approved (if it was not approved at the port of entry, the application fee would not be charged). And previously, applications made at a consulate were charged the fee no matter if the application was approved or not.

I think it makes a lot of sense to waive the fee for convictions that did not result in a prison sentence and are one time offenses. Applicants have no choice but to apply for a temporary resident permit if they do not qualify for criminal rehabilitation, and waiving the fee is the right move.

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