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Why look for a job in Canada?

The main reason is that Canada is a beautiful country with ample opportunities for foreign workers with specific skills and training. Working in Canada gives you the opportunity to see if you would like to move here on a permanent basis. Immigrating to Canada is often much easier with either documented Canadian work experience, or with an employer that is open to supporting your permanent residence application.

We have included a search tool below that will search thousands of jobs from across Canada. These job are posted on job boards, job websites, government and public sector websites, newspapers and private websites. The search tool below will search all these sources and provide you with a customized list of opportunities based upon your search terms.

Although you could hire a job search firm to assist you, such firms can charge a substantial fee. If you have specialized, transferable skills, you may wish to try searching for a job in Canada yourself. Canadian employers are quite open to discussing job opportunities with foreign applicants directly. As well, you may find an employer willing to support you during the immigration process.

Simply type an occupation and a city or province and you’ll receive up-to-date job postings to assist you in your journey to Canada.

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If you can’t find what you are looking for in the above search box, here are some other sources for job seekers in Canada:

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