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Discussion in 'News and Feedback' started by Panusa, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Our forum is new so it can appear that some categories are not active. However, free free to post a question as it will be answered by a lawyer.
  2. Pioneer

    Pioneer Member

    I think it's great that real lawyers answer your questions here. There are so many laws that the average person is unaware of. It is better to be informed.
  3. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you very much! The Canadian immigration can certainly be confusing - we're hoping this forum helps people find their way to this country.
  4. Safa

    Safa New Member

    Thank you very much for your help. I am PhD graduate in cellular and molecular medicine (4.5years). I am not obligated to go back to my country, although i was on scholarship. I have absolutely no work experience in Canada. I would like to apply for PR and I do not know under which group i should apply (CEC or FSW). I had working experience in Saudi Arabia as medical technologist 1 (from 2007 to 2209). Please help.
    thank you
  5. Kieran Allen

    Kieran Allen New Member

    Hi I posted a thread already but need help now. I have a job offer in Canada but before he will formally give it to me he needs a paper stating I have imminent status to lawfuly work in Canada. How am I supposed to get a paper stating I can work in Canada without a job offer??
  6. sarem

    sarem New Member

    hi everybody

    i am a pakistani applicant my NOC code is 3112 General Practitioner, my visa office i mentioned in the form was Islamabad but case would be processed in London visa office i did receive a PER from cic on 4th march 2015 i applied on 15 th december 2014 in my PER they told that my application is now put into processing and my application was going to sent to the visa office since i received my PER i didnt hear anything from cic i am worried now as i also check on ecas online but there is nothing there it showed that there is no record of my application
    i didnt send my police clearance certificate with my application before so can i send it now or i should wait for the request letter from the visa office as PCC will be expired in 3 months
    waiting for replies [​IMG]

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