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Working/living in Canada

Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by 595hockey, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. 595hockey

    595hockey New Member

    I am a US Citizen and was offered a job at our Calgary location with my employer sponsoring me for a work visa. I just had some general questions that I thought someone already living in AB might be able to answer to help me make my decision.
    1. What is the average cost for living expenses for someone that is middle income (housing, food, water, gas/electricity, internet, etc.)
    2. If you purchase a property, how outrageous are property taxes?
    3. What about travel - are cars/gas economical? Do people travel by bus/subway in the city?
    4. what about income tax and car insurance? What are the high cost "items" to think about with a move to Calgary?
    5. How are the schools? Are there good public/private schools and what are the costs?

    I've never been to Calgary and I will get one short trip to interview before I make my decision. I am married with two children, so any information you can give me will be appreciated!
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Hard to give any precise answers, but the cost of living in Calgary is less than Vancouver. Property taxes are not outrageous there (they are sometimes much worse in smaller towns with a smaller population base).

    Calgary has a great transit system, so you can get by without a car for the most part. However, if you live out of town you don't want to be waiting for a bus in the winter if you can avoid it.

    Income tax rates (including the provincial portion) will be among the lowest in Canada, car insurance is very low if you have a good record, very high if you don't (it is private insurance there, as opposed to government insurance in BC).

    Schools are great in Calgary, there would not likely be a need for private school - tuition would average around $10k per year for private, $0 for public.

    Calgary is a great city, cold but bright winter, hot summer.

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