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Work permit/study

Discussion in 'Studying in Canada' started by WorldTraveler, May 30, 2014.

  1. WorldTraveler

    WorldTraveler New Member

    My study permit doesn't expire until September. My temporary resident visa has been rejected two times. I am planinng to leave to go home for a visit. I will be eligible for my post-graduate work permit while I'm there. Can I apply from home or do I have to apply while I am still in Canada?
  2. Allthebest

    Allthebest New Member

    I would suggest that you should apply from within Canada, since it may take some time to process your docs for work permit. If you apply from your home country and your entry visa is expired you will not be able to enter Canada until you get another visa, even though you will have your work permit. You still need a valid entry visa (unless you come to Canada from US). Get a work permit and apply for another visa (they should not reject it under these new circumstances).

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