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Discussion in 'Criminal Charges and Convictions' started by Laila, May 14, 2015.

  1. Laila

    Laila New Member

    Message: Respected sir,
    I am laila from husband is living in ontario.he got 2yrs jail bcoz of serious sexual assault. After that immigratioin sent a removal ordered.he appealed and it was approved.immigration gave five yrs stay order which is going to finish on 6th august 2015. But at the end they wrote immigration ll reconsider his case again on 1st feb 2016. He has taken refugee.he cannot sponsor anyone.i want to know when he can sponsor me as a spouse,will immigration will deport aftr 1st feb 2016, what ll happen in this case normally? I will be very thankful to u.
  2. Laila

    Laila New Member

    Plz anyone who hv similar situation or hv an any knowledge plz reply...m really worried

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