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What medical conditions cause one to be declared inadmissable?

Discussion in 'Medical Conditions' started by judyk, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. judyk

    judyk New Member

    Seems that these days there are a lot of people with some sort of medical condition. Are there certain conditions that are definitely going to get a person rejected?
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    It's not possible to give a list of medical conditions that will make you inadmissible. It depends on the amount it will cost the Canadian health care system to treat you over time. Generally speaking, only serious medical conditions that require regular medical care will make you inadmissible. Medical conditions that are serious and contagious will also make you inadmissible, but those are more rare. A serious case of TB for example, would likely exclude you.
  3. judyk

    judyk New Member

    Thanks for the answer. Would there be any way for someone who has Type 1 (insulin dependant) diabetes to gain entry?

    Does the Canadian government pay for everyone's health care? Can some people choose to pay for extra services, or a provider they might like better?
  4. Ammie

    Ammie New Member

    The answer to you latter two questions is posted elsewhere on the forum, judyk. With regard to your first question, people with Type 1 diabetes have immigrated to Canada in the past. If the diabetes already affected your organs, chances are that your application could be declined.
  5. loon92

    loon92 New Member

    In a nutshell, this means that if you will be a burden on their healthcare system they do not want you to immigrate to Canada. I think this is acceptable considering it would be expensive on the system. Who's to say a person isn't immigrating to get free healthcare.

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