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What is a "Certificate of Qualification" and how do I get one?

Discussion in 'Canada Experience' started by emilyanimator, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. emilyanimator

    emilyanimator New Member

    I'm nearly done gathering my documents for my PR application but one thing in the instructions isn't making sense. They are requesting that I upload a document called a certificate of qualification, but they aren't giving any contact info for places that issue them:

    "In Canada, provinces and territories are in charge of education and training...they also decide on the standards and conditions used to assess and recognize foreign credentials for certain trades.
    "To get a certificate of qualification, the body that governs trades in a province or territory must assess your training, trade experience and skills to decide if you are eligible to write an exam to be certified...Contact the provincial or territorial body for more information"

    no links of phone numbers are given.

    I have been googling and can't find out where to go in British Columbia, or even who to call to ask, to get this document. "provincial body that governs trades" is all I have to go on. I found one link to what they might be talking about, but the lady on the phone didn't know what I was asking for...I'm very stuck right now.

    Also, my diploma in my trade (animation) was issued here in Canada, so I don't think they need to do anything there since its not a "foreign credential", but I also have an American 2 year degree from a community college. I'm assuming that's not relevent to my application, but do I need the "provincial body that governs trades" to review that or something?

    Also, I'm not a plumber or a welder, I'm an animator, I doubt the government has a skills test for that. is this relevant for me at all?

    thanks for any help!

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