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we are lost, can anybody help please

Discussion in 'Sponsorship' started by seb974, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. seb974

    seb974 New Member

    Hello everybody, my name is Seb, and I am french and I am married to a wonderful Canadian woman.
    She is actually trying to figure out what she should do to sponsor me, as I am in France (Reunion exactly) right now. We got married in 2012 in Canada, have a valid marriage licence and have no criminal record. We know what paper to fill but we have some questions concerning the documents we should send with it:

    How can the family members/friends do the affidavits the right way? what exact informations should they write on it?
    My wife has been under welfare for a few months july 2015 to jan 2016), will that get her declined as a sponsor?
    How to prepare and send pictures (proving our relationship and wedding)? what size should we print and send them? or should we send them by another way?

    We wanna put the best chances on our side, as we really wanna be back together and live our life in Canada.
    Any help will be welcome, we really count on you and would like to say thank you in advance for all the answers.
  2. seb974

    seb974 New Member

    oh, i forgot, my wife is now a full time student and no longer requires welfare anymore, if it can help to study the case, i will provide every further information.

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