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Wage rate requirement

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Vivian Fung, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Vivian Fung

    Vivian Fung New Member

    I am in Vancouver want to apply for permanent resident through International Post Graduate under EEBC stream & Federal Skilled Worker Program.

    From Express Entry British Columbia Program Guide, I found that there is a statement regarding wage. “Your employer must offer you a wage that meets the market wage rate and working conditions that meet the regulatory standards for the position.”

    I am working as a Construction Estimator (NOC 2234) with wage rate as $17.23/h right now. But I found that the minimum wage rate for Construction Estimator in BC is $19.23/h. I wonder if I can apply through this program even though my wage rate is not higher than the BC minimum wage rate. I think I am qualified for all the other requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Program and BCPNP.

    My question is: Does my wage has to be higher than the BC minimum wage rate if I want to apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry?

    Thanks so much!

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