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Visitor visa or TRV for my wife

Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by gemini, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. gemini

    gemini New Member

    I have Canadian PR card and recently got a job offer in Alberta and decided to move there. My wife does not have PR card as I applied for Canadian PR when I was a bachelor. I have applied for visitor visa for my wife and waiting for approval. I want to sponser my wife PR card under family sponsership after reaching Canada. my question is what are the chances of success in getting visitor visa for my wife? Will there be any issues after landing in Canada for my wife? she will be travelling with me to Canada.
  2. Niren789

    Niren789 New Member

    Where are you coming from? Country of origin can make a difference. Also, if there are any issues like criminal record, those could be reasons that your wife might have trouble getting the visa.
  3. Thomas Hanes

    Thomas Hanes New Member

    There's a good chance - but consider a few factors - what is your wife's age? employability? any criminal record?
  4. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    Depends on the age, no criminal record and on which place you want to apply for visitor visa.....??

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