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Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by jay9132, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. jay9132

    jay9132 New Member name is jay and a ghanaian resident and am dating a canadian citizen and currently going to have a baby with her nxt year question planing to visit canada nxt year after baby is born and I intend in stay for 6weeks and after will come bck with my baby and mother to ghana.i will like to know if 5k is enough for show the embassy and what are my chances of getting the visa...I have a good job here in my country and I will surely cime bck.pls wadvise me howni shldgoo about with my application to b able to get the visa.thanks
  2. George Goode

    George Goode Member

    Hello Jay...
    Congrats in advance..... You can apply non - immigrant visa .. Its like a temporary tourist visa..
  3. jay9132

    jay9132 New Member

    Ok thank u and pls u yhink the 5k is enough to show the embassy
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  4. jay9132

    jay9132 New Member

    No..I have not hired anyone yet and am asking is 5thousand canada dollar okey to apply for tge tourist visa and am staying for 4weeks.thanks
  5. Hi Jay, Congratulations. Yes, 5K dollars are enough, if you want to stay in Canada for 1 month.
  6. jay9132

    jay9132 New Member

    Thank u Richard For ur baby I been born and I am waiting for the birth certificate so that I can send my application. Richard,what do u think about my chances of getting the visa to see my daughter?aam also getting a recommendation letter from my boss who is also a canadian working in ghana
  7. Hi Jay, If you want to maximize the chances of your visa you need to fulfil these requirements.

    Have a valid travel document, such as a passport,
    Be in good health,
    Convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, a home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country,
    Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit, and
    Have enough money for your stay. (The amount of money you will need can vary. it depends on things like how long you will stay, and whether you will stay in a hotel or with friends or relatives.)
  8. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Remember that convincing an immigration officer takes a lot of paper evidence - not just your word. Support all your ties with paper evidence, with certified translations if necessary.
  9. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Let us know how it goes.
  10. bluebirdy

    bluebirdy New Member

    Hello Panusa!

    I am new and while searching desparately relevant information I came across this forum….would really really appreciate if you can please help me or suggest me based on below scenario…

    First thing first…apologies for such a long letter but i think it's important before someone can answer to my queries...

    About me and my family: We are Canadian citizens (me, my husband and my son) and now my husband parents (who we sponsored) are permanent residents also leaving with us. We meet LICO for 7 to 8 people. At present we are 5.

    My hardly 39 year old brother just died (suicide) leaving my old "widow" mom behind, in India…..I am in India right now and am in the process of applying first time super visa for my mom. If by God grace everything goes well then I will be coming back to Canada with my mother.
    About my mom (the applicant):

    - My widow mom was always been housewife
    - never travelled before
    - family ties: one real brother (the other three sisters have been passed away long time back).
    - financial assets: one house, bit jewellery and that's about it. She has bank account but hardly any money in it.

    She was dependent upon her younger "good son" who is no more. The elder brother ("bad one") we don't know about..we don't know his whereabouts.


    1) Can my husband apply "online" for my mother super visa "from Canada"? I can always send all the documents by scanned emails and rest he can add from his side (NOA, his pay stubs, T4 (as he is main source of income), letter of invitation, insurance etc etc).

    2) What reason should I give in "letter of invitation"/application as a whole:

    - that my brother died and she wants to spend some time with us for emotional relief, condolence, and change? OR

    - not mentioning anything about recent death and applying purely on "grandparent" super visa basis? Will this be risky as under "Family Information-IMM5645" Form I will be showing younger son death and his "date and place of death"? And from this they will know that son recently died. And to be honest we don't remember that whether we gave all this info about my family during "our permanent residence" application long time back. So, can't hide.
    Same time might have to put my elder brother name also in the information form as we don't know if we gave his info long time back or not. So, regard to my family members (dead or alive) i'll have to give what it is. Any suggestions?

    - both the above reasons? OR

    - something else which i don't know….

    3) Should we add elder son on the "Family Form"? And if so then...In "Family Form", for my elder brother what we should put for his address and profession etc as we don't know anything. If i put that he lives with her mom then can they double check? We don't have any proof that she lives with him (or he lives with her).

    4) We were thinking initially applying for 2-3 months of visitor visa but considering my mom health, age (68-69 year old), travel back and forth from India, leaving my family behind in Canada every not worth all the efforts. And this is the reason we are trying straight away for super visa.

    I am really having problem drafting invitation letter (consistent with information on the forms-brother's death, mom with no strong financial background, no previous travel etc etc)….sometimes I think that i should tell them honestly what she is going through but then visa officers are not "emotional"… how can i prove that she will return after 1 year or before her visa expires?

    She doesn't have any family left in India (except one son and one living brother as mentioned before), she doesn't have financial background (as she was just surviving with his "dead" younger son's infrequent job/salary)…she has never travelled before..

    We are in Canada from last 12 years, just in case...

    I'd really appreciate your suggestions. I am asking who so ever i can. Right now am in India but since am on emergency visa my return is in Mid-July. So I really don't know how all this will work out with in that time frame?? So that, i can come back to canada with my mom on super visa?? Otherwise I will have to go back again to India to bring her here as she cannot travel alone.

    One more thing, on family form, of course my name will come too…then they ask "if this person accompanying you"? Should i say "Yes" here since I'll be accompanying her. But then same time I am thinking would this be not for someone who does NOT have any Canadian status? Confused??

    Again, my apologies for such a long letter but I am trying to keep personal situation to few people i think who can help or have experience in doing something like this and you seems to be the ONE!!

    Would really really appreciate your time and reply.
    God bless you!

    Kind Regards,

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