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US Citizen being sposored to live in CAnada

Discussion in 'Sponsorship' started by USCanadaSoon, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. USCanadaSoon

    USCanadaSoon New Member

    I am US Citizen, my future wife is a Canadian Permanent resident. She will be sponsoring me for the PR in Canada.
    We are not sure how to apply, inside Canada or Outside Canada. If I apply inside canada, Do I request a Work permit? how long it usually take?
    Can I visist my son that lives in USA? or I am stuck until I get the PR?

    If I apply outside canada, Can I visit my wife up in canada? any issues with the PR (delayed)?

    Any help is apppreciated.
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Tough choice - lately it's been 6 months minimum to get an open work permit for the in-Canada sponsorship application (and yes, definitely apply for an open work permit if you do the in-Canada application). Once your status expires in Canada, you then have implied status that let's you remain in Canada until PR processing is complete. However, that does not entitle you to re-enter the country after your status expires (usually it expires after 6 months in Canada). So generally speaking, after 6 months here, I would not advise leaving Canada - you're stuck after that time (but your circumstances ma vary, I don't know). You can visit your wife if you apply outside Canada - that won't delay PR.

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