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Urgent help - LMIA supporting PR without WP

Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by Haniel, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Haniel

    Haniel New Member


    could u please help me? I am currently working in Canada and have a high-skilled position - Noc 0, A, B. I want to utilize experience class and gain permanent residency. Of course I want to get 600 points for job offer.
    I can't expect that my current employer will apply for LMIA but I have opportunity that a new employer do that. I have a open work permit valit till May 2016 and I only need few months of canadian experience which is required.
    I intend that my new employer will apply for LMIA supporting permanent residency ONLY (without any charge) while I do not have 1 year of Canadian experience. During the period I would like to work for my current employer. My question is if a new employer can apply for LMIA supporting PR in advance although I still do not have the whole canadian experiance for experience class? And can I work for current employer until my work permit will be experied and only when I'll gain permanent residency start to work for a new employer? Because I have open work permit and need only job offer supporting my permanent residency. Thank a lot for the answer.

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