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Urgent Advice needed.Please Help

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Guggu, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Guggu

    Guggu New Member

    Dear All
    I am in a very difficult situation.My story is that I applied for Canadian PR visa along with my family( my wife and and two minor kids).under FSW 2014 .We were granted the Visas and i as a principal applicant completed my landing and got My PR Card. My Dependants are yet to do their landing , Now the situation turns bad, ever since visas were issued my wife is creating lot of problems and she may not land and let her and kids visas to expire.She is threatening me that she will send her and kids passport along with a letter to the embassy asking them to cancel the visas and this way she will block my entry to Canada.Now my questions are
    1) What Can happen if she actually send the passports and letter to embassy.Can embassy block my re entry into Canada.Do i need to inform the embassy in advance about this so that they can make my wife non accompanying
    2) My wife gave Ielts exam along with me and i used the same for getting adaptability points ,will her not landing affect my P.R or in straight words will it be a misrepresentation or concealment of facts which can make me inadmissible.

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