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Spousal Sponsorship?

Discussion in 'Sponsorship' started by Alexa, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Alexa

    Alexa New Member

    Hello, I'm currently in a situation with my boyfriend who lives in Egypt. We met online around summer 2015 and became in an official committed relationship as of November 2015. We want to be together and he wants to move to Canada for us to do that.

    We were going through his options and we think spousal sponsorship would be the best option since we do plan to get married regardless. The only thing is though is that we haven't met in person yet due to our locations and conflicting schedules.

    He's going to make a visit in August for a couple weeks which is the length of my vacation time I get a year and I plan to go there next year 2017 sometime where we plan to get married.

    I've read up about spousal sponsorship and the requirements and what you should have for evidence and so far I'm saving all our conversations in a folder and we plan to take pictures and other things on our visits and get testimonials from friends and family. The thing that worries me is the time frame of our relationship. I feel in CSIS eyes it isn't that long and I'm afraid they'll rule it out

    I can't see any other way for us to be together since he's already taking school in Egypt and is graduating this may and doesn't have enough money for more schooling here for a study permit and since he's still in school he has no work experience yet that could be deemed eligible for a work permit

    Any feedback and advice would be super appreciated

    Thank you all very much


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