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Public Transportation In Canada?

Discussion in 'Canada Experience' started by Pioneer, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Pioneer

    Pioneer Member

    Is the public transportation very convenient in Canada? Do more people choose to take public transportation rather than drive a car in Canada? Or are the buses too few and far between?
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    It depends. In the big cities (such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal), the public transportation system is decent, especially if you are near light rail. Buses are hit and miss depending on where you are living, and they can be terribly delayed in the winter.

    Your best bet would be to live near light rail (e.g., the Skytrain in Vancouver), which is always fast and rarely goes down.
  3. Andy Duhurst

    Andy Duhurst New Member

    In my experience public transport is often poorly used because of irregular timetables, which creates less buses or trains, and so the circle goes. If I can ever lie in Canada I would definitely want to live somewhere with a dependable and well funded public transport system.
  4. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    With the price of fuel going up, that's good advice - live near a reliable transit system and/or bicycle infrastructure system.
  5. loon92

    loon92 New Member

    I would expect that if you live in a major city it would have some type of public transportation. If you search on Google for a city government in Canada you can find public transportation on their website. I looked up city of Toronto and found their public transportation.
  6. slovakhope

    slovakhope New Member

    What really disappoints me is the lack of train service in most of Canada. There are a lot of places that could be served very well by commuter trains. I think there just isn't the government will to make it happen. That said, the price of gas is a lot cheaper than many places in the world.
  7. Rosalie

    Rosalie New Member

    I think the problem with train service in Canada is that they need the people to want to travel by train. Since people are living pretty much spread out from the cities, they tend to have cars and drive. People living in some suburbs of Canada don't have bus or train access so they are dependent on cars.
  8. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, Canadians do love their cars, but our country is big, and the population is relatively low. You have to search for commuter trains - Vancouver has a commuter train called the West Coast Express that goes to a lot of outlying communities. Toronto has a commuter train as well, and Calgary and Edmonton (and many other cities) have light rail transit. Hope this helps.
  9. George Goode

    George Goode Member

    Due to very large size, people often between major cities by airplane. Actually, it totally depends on a transportation system that are good or not. But public transportation is very rare, poorly according to my experience.
  10. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    Canadian people is depends on cars as the USA. Our biggest city has just 2 complete tram lines. This says something in regards to public transport.

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