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provincial nominee program bc

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by marko, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. marko

    marko New Member

    Hi there
    I have a question about PNP BC program, am trying to find answer but seems i cannot.

    Ive got the information that if an employer helps me with PNP BC, once that i get my PR card i have to stay with him for 2 years
    Can anyone help with a good advice

    Thank You alot
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Marko,

    Are you talking about the skilled worker stream? If so, that's not true.

    Under the semi-skilled worker stream, you have to be employed with that employer during the permanent residence application process (but it shouldn't take 2 years usually).

    If you could provide a bit more information, that would be helpful.
  3. marko

    marko New Member

    Dear Administrator

    I am a chef, and would like to apply under skilled worker stream,
    In August will be 12 months of me being and working in Canada, so i would like to start application process in August, and now im in the fase of gathering all the infomations so when the time comes im ready and smooth
    In general im pretty well informed and know which steps do have to take, but (next sentence)

    This information that i have to stay with the employer that helps me with obtaining PR was given to me by my dear friend, i dont know if maybe he heard something somewhere and misinterpreted it,
    and sincerely i hope he did misinterpret

    Because i have other friend that got his PR recently and he did not have to stay at the same employer for 2 years, this is where i got confused

    Thank You for You time and patience


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