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Discussion in 'Business and Investment' started by ilu129, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. ilu129

    ilu129 New Member

    I plan to apply (have applied) to immigrate to Canada in the federal self employed category and got my file number in June. How long is the wait in a successful scenario before my passport is stamped with the immigrant visa?
  2. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member


    Depending on your category of Canada Immigration, When you have applied this????
  3. ilu129

    ilu129 New Member

    I have applied in April,2014.CIC have received my application on April,2014 and I got my UCI in 24th june,2014.
  4. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

  5. ilu129

    ilu129 New Member

    I have appiled for PR visa in self employed category in April,2014 and got my UCI in 24 June,2014. when I enquired in visa office they repiled me the following :

    Thank you for your enquiry to the Immigration Section of the High Commission of Canada in Singapore.

    This Family Class application was received by our office on July 07, 2014 after being forwarded by Case Processing Centre Mississauga. This application is currently pending initial review, after which we will contact the applicant directly to advise the outcome of the review and any next steps.

    We are striving to make our processing of Family Class applications as efficient as possible. Please note that changes in the volume of new applications received, annual quota and the resources available to process them, can lead to longer processing times. Some applications, owing to their complexity, take longer to process than others. Processing times are calculated from the date the application is received by the Singapore visa office.

    Though I have appiled on self employed category but they are saying 'family class application' why?
  6. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    I am confused... You said that you have applied in the category of federal self employed visa.... for Singapore or Canada?
  7. ilu129

    ilu129 New Member

    I have applied for federal self employed visa for visa office is Singapore
  8. It can take 2 years to get stamp on your passport.
  9. Donna Chavis

    Donna Chavis New Member

    I haven't applied for it yet.
  10. david wilson

    david wilson Member

    What is your current status on CIC? Application Received or In Progress?

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