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Post graduate Work Permit

Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by Jagdeep Singh, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Jagdeep Singh

    Jagdeep Singh New Member


    I completed my MBA from Canada in April 2015 and applied for Post graduate work Permit on 3rd May, 2015. Since then I am waiting for my work permit. I tried to flag pole but my application was already under processing for more than 90 days, so couldn't obtain PGWP through flag poling. The officer at canadian border told me that my application is approved and I should be getting PGWP anytime soon.

    I tried reaching CIC help desk but everytime I call CIC helpdesk I get different answers, sometimes they say that the application is approved , sometimes they say it's still under processing.

    Its almost been 7 months wait, and some employers have not extended me job offer , simply on the fact that do not have a PGWP.

    I am in a dire situation and don't know what to do. Kindly advise.

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