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PNP on hold by CIC for thorough verification since months

Discussion in 'Provincial Nominee' started by rabih, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. rabih

    rabih New Member

    I paid RPRF(right for permanent residence fees) after submitting medicals in January 2015 for Ontario provincial nominee application. I got a letter from beirut visa office that my application is put on hold by CIC ontario part of a QA program on provincial nominee program to do thorough verification and they will not proceed until hey get a direct order from CIC . Note, i dont have a job offer nor i was asked to do as a requirement during the application processing.
    I called CIC call center they blocked me and said you should only contact your visa office.

    does any one have information regarding this?
  2. Jeina M.P.

    Jeina M.P. Moderator

    It is difficult to know exactly what is happening in this situation. Having said that, for every PNP application, it is normal for the Province, to process the application, if they are positive, they then refer the application to CIC for final processing. CIC must approve every PNP application, this is their standard process. You could try calling either the PNP office or the CIC call centre again, hopefully this time they will be more specific about if this is standard hold, or specific to your situation. Best of luck.

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