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Parents Visitor Visa

Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by Jitender Verma, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Jitender Verma

    Jitender Verma New Member

    hi forum

    i am a permanent resident in canada and my parents need to visit us as my wife is pregnant; can somebody guide what documents they need?

    i tried applying online and the list of documents say they need a marriage certificate but in my country getting this doc is a tedious process as marriage was solemnised about 40 years back.

    please guide.

  2. Allthebest

    Allthebest New Member

    Why don't you consider applying for Super Visa for your parents? It would be an easier way for them to come visit you here, especially when the approval rate for Visitor Visa is significantly lower than for Super Visa. They will also be allowed to stay in Canada for up to 2 years in a row with SV in comparison to 6 months per visit with Visitors one. Check the CIC website for the info.
  3. Jitender Verma

    Jitender Verma New Member

    thanks for reply

    super visa needs a specific amount of income; i do not have that income.

    is there any other choice?
  4. Allthebest

    Allthebest New Member

    Well, it is either Regular Visitors Visa or Super Visa. I don't know about sponsorship, but I guess it is the least likely option in your case.
  5. Jitender Verma

    Jitender Verma New Member

    sponsorship is also income related; cant do that.

    so only option is regular visitors visa. so do my parents have to show a marriage certificate?
  6. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    You can likely apply without a marriage certificate - just provide an explanation as to why the certificate is not available through a cover letter. It would be the same as a common law couple who are not married but who are a couple nonetheless for immigration purposes.
  7. George Goode

    George Goode Member

    When you will apply for permanent residency visa, you need to have explanation about which purpose you want to apply...
  8. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    Hello Jitender..

    Have a good day...

    Here are some process .. you can follow these steps and its will be helpful for you...
    1. Business letter from your H1b support/ current employer :
    2. Get Scan duplicate of Parents visas:
    3. Booking Visa stamping arrangement for your folks:
    4. New DS 160 Form versus old DS-156, DS-157 Forms:

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