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NOC code for management trainee in bank

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by saud khan, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. saud khan

    saud khan New Member

    Dear Senoirs plz help me to fill schdule 3/economic class question 12-b..i m asking this question on different forums but no one replied

    I m applying under NOC 1212 (supervisor, finance,insurance,office workers). I joined the bank as a Management Trainee Officer and undertook two months class room based training and four months on job training and after that i was posted to a branch where i m performing duties that fall in noc 1212.
    My question is what noc shud i mention for six months experience of management trainee?? Shud i leave it blank or write "unknown or n/a"

    or should i include this training period under my primary noc 1212???

    Plz guide me frndz...i emailed hrsdc and they replied there is no noc fo occupations under training and they advised me to refer to cic..but how cam i contact them?

    I m very tensed..plz help

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