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Discussion in 'Working in Canada' started by Kieran Allen, Jul 27, 2015.


Should we have to pay for OUR driving records when any government official can pull it up for free?

  1. Pay for your driving record

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  2. Driving record should be free at DMV

  1. Kieran Allen

    Kieran Allen New Member

    Hi, I have applied for a job in Canada. I had a phone interview this morning and he said he would gladly hire me. First one out of the 40 or so that have called me. He said he needed three refrences which I have, my driving record (you have to pay for that **** like wtf!! If you get pulled over the cops are able to pull up everything for FREE!! Why should I have to pay for something that is mine!! $50!!), and proof of imminent status to legally work in Canada before he will formally give me the position.

    I know when you apply for a work visa you have to have your LMIA, a job offer stating you have a job, and a couple other things but how do I get a paper from the visa place saying I have imminent status to lawfuly work in Canada if I don't have a complete job offer??? I need help. Thanks
  2. Donna Chavis

    Donna Chavis New Member

    I think you should convey your problems to the employer he will definitely understand it.

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