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Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Nomad, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Nomad

    Nomad New Member

    For those of us who are applying from the U.S. for the FSW program, letters of reference can be quite challenging to obtain. I'm a nurse and all the companies I have ever worked for no longer supply letters of reference for legal reasons. A few will supply date employed and date of seperation/termination (if applicable) and job title. Nothing more. Most companies have contracted out this service of job/income verification to a company known as "The Work Number". In order for your information to be verified by a potential employer, or in this case, for purposes of immigration, the entity desiring the information would have to go login into the website for The Work Number, put in a passcode the employee furnishes them with (that, btw, expires 6 months or so from generation) and PAY a fee. Can you believe this? It's incredibly frustrating. Can you imagine trying to get CIC to do this...even if they would, by the time they got the application, the access/passcode would have expired. *sigh*
    So, I thought of asking my current employer for copies of some of the documents in my employee record: the conditional offer of employment, job description, annual job evaluations etc etc. They put in a request to corporate to allow me to have copies, but HR made it clear that since it is a private company, they are not bound/obliged to supply me with any document whatsover (again, for legal reasons...) So, I am just waiting and HOPING that they provide with at least even the conditional offer of employment.
    Besides submitting my W2's and paystubs, the only thing I can think to do is ask one of my patients' family members to write a letter attesting to the care I have provided and have it notarized.
    I just wanted to document this, coz, I have searched online and haven't seen any postings regarding this. I wonder if anyone has any input on this or gone through it... for those who are currently trying to obtain letters of reference from a U.S. employer, you are not alone! :)
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    You raise a very good point here - obtaining letters of reference can be very difficult and frustrating for those applying to the skilled worker program.

    One combination that seems to work for me is to combine your employment contract/letter (if you still have a copy) and the basic dates of employment letter from your employer. CIC seems to accept this combination. Even the "dates employed" letter should work fine so long as it says you were employed as a nurse. Combine that letter with evidence of your nursing qualifications and it should be accepted by CIC.

    I believe the "letters of reference" required by CIC is misleading - they really are not looking for job performance (which is what a letter of reference really is), they are looking for evidence of employment in the category performing the skills listed in the NOC. "Evidence of employment" is really a better term, and it can be done with a "dates of employment" letter and evidence of qualifications.

    Hope this helps!

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