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International Student Seeking PR

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alexlkf, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Hello, I'm a 20 year old international student based in Markham and studying at Seneca College. So far everyone I’ve spoken to regarding my situation has found it bizarre or at the least strange. After speaking to a friend he recommended I’d write to someone who may know something about my situation who may be able to advise me in some way, I figured this forum was a good start so let's just jump right in.

    I grew up in Malaysia in a household of four and in September of 2010 my parents decided that it’d be a good idea to move me to Canada and so I did. They soon followed suit and stayed for as long as possible leaving behind a business in order to take care of my brother and I here. My dad was staying under a work permit and the plan was to maybe move the business (an advertising agency that specialized in 3D virtual walkthroughs of new real estate) here, he soon realized that much of that sort of work was outsourced and he was competing with such low prices he just didn’t think it’d be worth following through with. There was no way he could compete.

    I thought nothing of this and went on with my life as scheduled. I focused on arts and music in high school, did a bunch of theatre downtown and decided it’d be a good idea to get into theatre in the post-secondary level. I graduated high school in June of 2013 and successfully auditioned for the Theatre Performance program at Humber College. I didn’t make it too far, the college stated I wasn’t on par with their standards and requested I retake my first year. It didn’t make sense that I did so I left it for the Bachelor’s of Commerce in HR (September 2014) I’m working on right now; I figured it’d give me a much better standing when it came to immigration.

    The summer before I began my classes at Seneca I really looked into what I could do in regards to immigration and my dad and I went to get some advice. He mostly just focused on my dad and what he could do but pretty much told me my best course of action was to finish school. By the end of the summer my parents had lost their status and left the country.

    As an international student I cannot apply for a permanent residency so the plan right now is to complete my schooling and get my degree, enter the workforce and move up until I’m eligible to apply for a PR. From there things should just pan out pretty easily.

    I’ll also add that upon discovering that laws that governed international students began to allow full time students to work on condition I took it immediately. So far I’ve worked a seasonal shipping receiving position at a retail store and I currently work at a grocery store as a clerk and have an entertainment gig at Canada’s Wonderland scheduled for this October. I’m not sure if this actually gives me a better standing but I figured it was worth including, I was also curious if the gig at Wonderland would be considered under the same laws as any other performing gig?

    My main questions are: How much does factors like my graduation from a Canadian high school, work experience and the length of my stay here contribute to my case? Is there any way I can make a case for some sort of fast tracked PR?

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