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Immigration to Canada for person with Diabetes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richardgonzalez, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I am an engineer from India and wants to immigrate to Canada. I am planning to use the express entry program. The problem is that I was diagnosed with diabetes, but it is under control. I am taking pills for it. I contacted an immigration lawyer named Green and Spiegel from Toronto recently through my friend and they said it won’t be a problem for immigration. It was a good news, but recently I heard that Canada won’t allow a person who can be a burden to Canadian health care to immigrate. Can someone confirm about it?
  2. Any applicant with diseases or disorders which can pose a burden to Canadian govt is deemed inadmissible. Diabetes is admissible or not,will it be burden or not is difficult to answer for anyone with little information. Diabetes has stages and your case appears to me as prediabetic depending on your description and to conclude that you will not be burdened, the doctor needs a lot of information.

    1. High sugars, fasting, post lunch and GTT and also HbA1c.
    2 high BMI
    3. Recent changes in food habits, recent stress can cause a sudden rise in sugars
    4. Family history of diabetes, high lipids, high BP, heart disorders etc.
    5. Pancreatic disorders history, treatment
    6. History of associated BP or high cholesterols

    If you don't have any of the above risk factors and sugars are well within normal limits and your deviation of levels were minimal and it can be controlled with diet and change in lifestyle and u don't have a near risk of getting it back. Then there will be no problem.
  3. Panusa

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    I've had clients admitted who had diabetes controlled through diet.

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