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IELTS score calculation

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by ayyan, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. ayyan

    ayyan New Member

    Helo, pl help me to understand that according to cic conversion table if I get
    Speaking 6.5 = 5 points
    Listening 7 = 4 points
    Reading 6 = 4 points
    Writing 6.5 = 5 points
    so I would get total 18 points under the table of cic website. Pl confirm my understanding. Thanks in advance.
  2. tobi

    tobi New Member

    Please i will love to make some inquiries.Very urgent please
    Speaking 6.5-5points
    Writing 7.0-6points
    Listening-6.0-4points; a total of 19 points i guess. The maximum point indicated on the website for a first language is 24 points, how would this be graded on the overall point which is 28. I dont seem to get the correlation between both since the maximum one can ever get is 24points. Can someone help me with the analysis please?.

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