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I'd like to know about the basics rules of student visa requirement and immigration

Discussion in 'Studying in Canada' started by ReThinkPossible, Apr 19, 2014.


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  1. ReThinkPossible

    ReThinkPossible New Member

    Hi IC ,

    I am from Pakistan and was wondering to get information.How are you ? I hope that your enjoying your time out there , well guys i'd love to know about the the basics rules of student visa requirement and immigration system , i'll extemporize this post on easy level so that you could understand.I'm applying to Canada through a registered consultants to get an student visa but i ain't got no information about what will happen to an international student when he'll be in the Canada.

    Things are pretty exaggerated to tackle for me because i really don't know what to do to make things less overstate so could any of you please write back to me briefly so that i'll know things before making things complicated.I'm gonna mention below those points which i should have known about'em so hope everything would work.

    • What will happened to an international student after the arrival in Canada in his/ her require university ?
    • How will a student going to manage the documents about his study , work permit and accommodation ?

    "According to Canadian Govt. there are few changes in Rules and Regulations student is allow to work off- campus without work permit until or unless he got the study permit but if you still aren't satisfied from the Canadian Govt. policy and you'd still want to have a off campus work permit for your own Satisfaction How will you get it. "

    • If you get married during your degree are you eligible to apply for citizenship or immigration while if "Yes" what could be the steps and if "NO" what is the reason behind ?
    • If your Passport expiry date is nearer how would you renew your PP while staying in Canada without coming back to your home country ?
    • If your work & study permit will going to be expire how'd you renew these papers without losing plenty of time what does the conclusion occur ?
    • if any of your document e.g study & work & passport one of'em is going to be expire will you need to renew all of your documents again ?
    • if you have TRV and you want to have PR in Canada how and when you'll be able to do it successfully. ?
    • How can you extend your stay , your visa and your documents while staying in Canada Please describe.?

    It has been very hard for me to devastate the good information but wouldn't know that it will be going to like this so
    • How many hours a student can get to work on-campus by Canadian GOVT. "let's suppose a student is allow to work 4 hours per day and 8 hours on vacation holidays off-campus and 20 -25 hours per week but how many hours your allow to work on-campus if university allows you to work freely" ???
    • According to embassy students won't come back to their home countries after the completion of their studies but my question is to you is what if a student doesn't want to come back to home county after the completion of his / her studies after he'd want to do and learn more what could you do to make'em satisfy (Embassy /Canadian GOVT.).
    • If you proceed it by using or counselor so that you'll have less problems and how would you find the successful and registered counselors in vancouver ?
    It would be a honor to have such good information from here and I Shall be waiting for your detailed answer.

    Thank you

    Warm Regards

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