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How does divorce affect my immigration status?

Discussion in 'Sponsorship' started by Nancy, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Nancy

    Nancy New Member

    My refugee claim was denied and I got married in 2008. My wife sponsored me and I got my PR card in April 2014. The thing is that my marriage has broken down and my wife wants a divorce, so I would like to know if it will affect my Canadian immigration status. Is it risky if we apply for a divorce on the basis of a one-year separation since I got my PR card 8 months ago? I would greatly appreciate a reply! Thank you so much!
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  2. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    In divorce cases... It may be effected by Immigration.. If you have already obtained conditional green card, you will need to fill form I-751.
  3. Alex Colt

    Alex Colt New Member

    Many a times it so happen that in a relation ship understanding disappears and which leads to loosing patience to even with whom we love the most this was also with me and we entered to break the relationship i approached the lawyer from LeeMeier but then during the proceedings the judge gave as the time of 2 months to sort our matter and this really helped me to protect my relationship.

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