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Go ahead and post, I will answer your questions

Discussion in 'News and Feedback' started by Panusa, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Although you may see some dated posts, we are a new forum so postings are not steady yet.

    However, if you post, I'll answer your questions, usually within hours.
  2. tahir

    tahir New Member

    Hi All,
    I have applied under FSWP (NOC 2173) in October 2014 but haven't got any reply from the CIC. Can you please confirm me how to follow-up my case as I already sent an email to My Visa Office (London) about my case enquiry but to no avail?

    Should I forget about the previous application and launch again in the Express Entry?

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  3. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    They won't respond in such a short time span so emailing them won't do you much good. I don't know your circumstances so can't say whether an Express Entry application is viable.
  4. Shane21

    Shane21 New Member

    i applied for inland sponsorship ( spouse ) on 20 February, 2015. I have not gotten an AOR from immigration and i know persons that apllied in the same time period and have gotren their response already.
    So now i dont even know if my application is even received and open by CIC.
    Does CIC process applications in order in which they receive them ?
    Should i be worried about this
  5. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't worry yet - still early for an AOR.
  6. Shane21

    Shane21 New Member

    Okay, thanks for your reply.
    Is it normal for persons to receive an AOR before others who sent in like a month before them.
    i thought CIC open appli in the order they received them.
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  7. Tito

    Tito New Member

    My hubby is sponsoring me and my dependants to come to Canada; we leave in Nigeria and I just got an email from the immigration section in Accra requesting for a DNA but 2 of my kids are missing is it proper for me to mail the immigration section in Accra Ghana who is handling my case and inform them of this and dat I can go ahead with d last 1,Just wanna know will that affect our application. We forwarded our application since oct 2014 and our Medicals will expire in September
    Tito, Today at 1:11 AMReport
  8. adeoyet

    adeoyet New Member

    I am Adeoye Tunde, an evangelist in Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria presently, I am having masters in science education and fluent in English as well. I am single and planning a visit to Canada this September 17th to represent my church for conferences in one of our branches in Ontario. I am getting marry after the conferences by December of this year (12/12/2015) in Nigeria, which shows that I would have been back to Nigeria before then. Can you please help me with the below questions and advice.

    My question is this: What are the other required documents or additional documents for a single person like me aside documents that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires for a visitor visa to be granted a visitor to Canada?
  9. Safa

    Safa New Member

    I have a very simple question. I am renewing my study permit that will expire on July31st. My study in Canada will finish by September, 2015. This means my new study permit will be until December, 2015. In the application form, there is an option if I want to apply for an open work permit. Could I compile and send the two application together? of course, I will send separate bills for processing fees.
  10. Susie

    Susie New Member

    Hi there,
    My boyfriend is currently a resident in the UK (born and raised), he has been coming to Canada to work on our relationship (we have currently been together for a year). We first met in Sept 2014, where he was in Canada for 1 month, I visited him in Oct 2014, he then came back to Canada in Jan2015 and stayed for 5 months (left June this year) and now has come back for another 5 months (staying till Jan2016). When he arrived he was given a notice that he must have a visa or something in place if he decides to come back in 2016. He has an income in the UK (his own business) plus his own home, we are obviously seeing if this relationship is going to work, but now it's like he has to make a decision with documentation (visa etc). What can he do in regards to just visiting Canada like he's been doing? He doesn't want to decide to live here yet.... he does have family here (brother, which is permanent resident) but again, he wants to continue coming to Canada for months at a time before he makes any big decisions.
    Please help :(
  11. Sateesha

    Sateesha New Member


    I am Sateesha, age 38. Currently looking for the canada migration via express entry. I am getting only 302CRS points. But as per latest news, minimum CRS points picked is 469. How do I get increase my CRS points. I have taken points from my spouse also.
    Can you please help me on this.

    sateeshas at

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