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FSWP 2014 Application under different NOC's

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Rima Xavier, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Rima Xavier

    Rima Xavier New Member


    I had submitted two applications for FSWP 2014 with different NOC's as my experience is covered in both NOC's. In teh first application, the job experience letter did not spell out the main duties as per the HSRDC site and hence I was told that my application could get returned. So I prepared a second app under different NOC and request my dept head to change a few sentences (redraft a few points) to reflect the main duties. Since the meaning was same and it was imp for immigration, my dept head agreed. I submitted both apps and got PER for both.

    Now my file is at visa office and somehow I am worried that this should not be misconstrued by the officer as manipulation or misrepresentation. As a few sentences were changed. My question is would this be considered as misrepresentation and impact my file? Should I ask the visa office to return one file? If I do how can I explain to them why I am asking for a file to be returned.
  2. sarem

    sarem New Member

    hi everybody

    i am a pakistani applicant my NOC code is 3112 General Practitioner, my visa office i mentioned in the form was Islamabad but case would be processed in London visa office i did receive a PER from cic on 4th march 2015 i applied on 15 th december 2014 in my PER they told that my application is now put into processing and my application was going to sent to the visa office since i received my PER i didnt hear anything from cic i am worried now as i also check on ecas online but there is nothing there it showed that there is no record of my application
    i didnt send my police clearance certificate with my application before so can i send it now or i should wait for the request letter from the visa office as PCC will be expired in 3 months
    waiting for replies [​IMG]

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