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Foreigners starting a business in Canada

Discussion in 'Business and Investment' started by Queenie, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    What are the opportunities like for a foreigner to start a business in Canada? Would the prospect of employing Canadian citizens help with the immigration process?
  2. Magnolias

    Magnolias New Member

    It depends on what kind of business the foreigner is looking to start. If they're an enterpreneur, there's the federal Enterpreneur Program, but it's currently suspended due to too many applications. Same with investors and Immigrant Investor Program. And I'm quite sure that the Immigrant status is granted only to those who would generate employment for Canadians, so unfortunately that wouldn't give the candidate much advantage over other applicants.
  3. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    It's interesting that you say the Entrepreneur Program is suspended because they have too many applications. I guess that means there are many foreigners who feel Canada would be a good location for starting a business. Do you know if they have any plans to reinstate it?
  4. Ammie

    Ammie New Member

    On the one hand, I am also surprised, Queenie, but come to think of it, Canada is the perfect country to live in. No wars (civil or international), it is close to the USA and only across the ocean from Europe.

  5. loon92

    loon92 New Member

    It is a perfect country to have a business in. Canada is growing which makes it appealing to companies and businesses that want to branch out to other countries. You're right Ammie when you say it is close to the U.S., so you will also be able to trade and sell in that country as well.

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