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Desperate to find a solution to my status

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tommy eli, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. tommy eli

    tommy eli New Member

    so i live in Canada from 2009
    and i was on working visa from jan 2011 until April 1 2015 - because of the 4 years cap
    now im on implied status applied as extension for working visa under higher (managerial position )
    my lawyer says it slim chances and i need to find a solution , me and my wife got a successful business in Alberta i bought a house i have 2 Canadian kids born here .. and im trying to stay obviously.
    express entry its low option for me as i don't have work permit i got low score .
    i want to immigrant to Canada i don't care if i need to go to live in different province or something and come once a month back to Alberta to make sure my business still preform .. please give advice's and opinions
  2. david wilson

    david wilson Member

    You may have to take steps to be considered again for the pool. For example, if you got additional points for a job offer but the job is no longer available to you, you may need to get another job offer. Or, if you got married or entered into a common-law relationship, you will have to update your express entry profile.
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