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Confusion between COOP and "Work off Campus"

Discussion in 'Studying in Canada' started by renatumb, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. renatumb

    renatumb New Member

    Could some one help me?

    I found a college that offers a program which lasts 2 years.
    The institution have stated to me I could work up to 20 hours on 1st year and up to 40 hours on 1st year.
    I think that would be possible if worked under "work off campus program"

    The institution's word in a nutshell
    - 1st year: study (up to 20 hours/week) + work (up to 20 hours/week)
    - 2nd year: only work (up to 40 hours/week)

    * I believe I doing so, I will work more than permitted by CIC, I mean 50% of the program!

    Is some one able to answer me if a person can work as COOP intern and work as a "work off campus" student
    at same time? Because I think this is the only way to work that amount of time without work more than permitted by CIC.
  2. Anu Joshi

    Anu Joshi New Member

    In my understanding, co-op constitutes a program where the University/College and Employer have an understanding where you usually get compensation from Employer (may differ from Employer to Employer) as well as academic co-op credit at your University/College. For the most part, most co-op programs are full time, meaning that during your work term you are working 40 hours/week and not studying at the same time.

    What you said for 1st year (20 hours study + 20 hours work) I believe constitutes technically a full "work" week, which is total 40 hours of "work" in the week. (For a student, going to school is counted as "work" for the most part).

    This is just generally speaking. Please seek guidance from your educational institution so they can help you in detail. Best of luck!

    Nothing in this post constitutes legal advice.

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