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Change in the Processing Time for Federal Skilled Worker Application

Discussion in 'Federal Skilled Worker' started by Maple, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Maple

    Maple New Member

    I know a couple of federal skilled worker applicants who waited four to five years before receiving a positive decision from the Canadian Embassy How true is it that the processing time for this particular immigration program has been significantly reduced? If so, then this is good news for those who are considering landing to Canada as skilled workers or professionals. I wonder how long it now takes to process the application?
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    There are no shortage of applicants waiting years for a federal skilled worker application to be processed. CIC offices in the middle and far east are particularly slow for all categories (including skilled workers).

    From my experience, my clients have been seeing shorter processing times since the occupation restrictions were put in place. The downside of this new system is that perfectly suitable applicants may not qualify if they do not have experience in a qualified occupation. Nonetheless, changes had to be made in my view, as processing for all categories was getting ridiculously long.
  3. Maple

    Maple New Member

    Oh, I see. So I guess it's not totally good news because if your experience does not belong in their list of occupations, you lose your eligibility even if you score high in the other selection factors. Do you, by any chance, see any signs that the CIC might replace their current list of qualified occupations? Thanks.
  4. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, typically CIC will revise the list of occupations in June or July of each year. Some occupations may fall off the list, while others may be added. That's why it is always a good idea apply as soon as you are eligible. Waiting too long may mean that your occupation (if it is on the list) may be deleted from the list at some point.

    However, even those potential applicants without an occupation on the list can still apply so long as they secure an appropriate job offer confirmed by Service Canada.
  5. Wanderer

    Wanderer New Member

    It's good to know that the CIC comes up with a new list of occupations every year. I know someone who wants to apply under the Skilled Worker Program but her work experience is not in the list of occupations. She has been in the teaching profession for a long time.
  6. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Teachers used to be on the occupational list, but they were removed in the last revisions. However, there is a good chance they will be added again in the future, as Canada's demographics are such that our workforce is aging rapidly and we simply do not have the workers to replace them. As such, immigration is a key factor for Canada's continued success in future.
  7. Iram

    Iram New Member

    Hi, my husband in an electrical engineer and he has 20 years of experience, his age is 45 and he's done with his MBA too, i have done BS Accounting n Finance ( hons) too and now we want to apply for canadian immigration. We have two kids. I want to ask whether we are eligible? whats the processing fees and is this fees refundable in case our application fails?
  8. Pioneer

    Pioneer Member

    If I were you, I would certainly apply. In my opininon, Canada, or any other country, are happier when someone who has something to offer wants to enter their country.
  9. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    Thanks for the best opinion sir... I will recommend to others....
  10. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith Member

    You can change your Federal Skilled Worker Application before August 8th, 2014 in Canada..

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