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CEC - Got medical call, currently alleged with criminal charge, will plea Not guilty

Discussion in 'Canada Experience' started by Devinder, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Devinder

    Devinder New Member

    I applied for PR under CEC in June 2014, got my medical request in Jan 2015 and then after 2 days got an email from CIC to submit updated background declaration form (IMM 5669) - Bearing original signature and no gaps in addresses and activities (as I left 8 months gap in activity and couple of months gap in address)

    ISSUE - I am currently alleged with a criminal charge, my Criminal lawyer says he will get the case dropped or get me absolute discharge

    Advise needed: Should I mark NO for --> been convicted of, or are you currently charged with, on trial for, or party to a crime or offense, or subject of any criminal proceedings in any other country?
    Also advise if any other section is applicable on me on IMM 5669

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