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Canada Visitors Visa for a group of trekkers?

Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by johnny112, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. johnny112

    johnny112 New Member

    I am part of a group who loves long distance trekking and have done lots of trekking across US. We are planning a trip to Canada after hearing about some great trekking routes in Canada. . There are 26 members in our group and we are looking to spend close to 3 months in Canada to cover as many routes as possible. We are not sure about legal formalities of obtaining travel Visa to Canada and especially for a group of 26 people, we definitely need some advice. Do we need an immigration lawyer like Matthew Jeffery in Toronto to help us or can someone give any proper advice? Next thing I need to ask is about giving priority to routes we should cover. We are planning to start our trip from Toronto, Ontario. After covering important routes in Ontario, we will move to Quebec and then to Manitoba. I think our time in Canada will end by that time. Can someone suggest some great trail routes we shouldn’t miss when we are there? Thanks!

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