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Applying TRV after Voluntary Relinquishing PR status

Discussion in 'Visiting Canada' started by dmj54, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. dmj54

    dmj54 New Member

    I became PR in 2007 with my family but couldn't comply the residency requirement and my PR card expired in 2010. I wrote to UAE embassy about this and wish to visit my family in Canada. they suggested that either I apply for PRTD or Voluntary relinquish PR even if residency is maintained.I opted for Voluntary relinquishing not meeting residency and sent the provided form duly signed and witnessed plus appeal waiver form with entry/exit form as well.Also i sent the PR card/health card/landing document as requested by them. They also suggested that after that I can apply as a foreigner for TRV to visit my family but I have to satisfy VO that I would return from Canada after the visit. It is almost now 4 months that I sent all those but didn't hear anything from them till now I mean no decision about my status.since for applying TRV my status as a PR should be determined.I am in a confused state what to do in this situation. If anybody can guide me what to do. Should I apply for TRV without any desicion from them? Will I be getting any desicion or the voluntar reliquishing form and appeal waiver is enough for losing my status.Thanks
  2. Panusa

    Panusa Administrator Staff Member

    Tough one. Generally speaking, if you didn't meet residency requirements you are no longer a PR, so in theory, you should be fine applying for a TRV. However, I would include a cover letter explaining the situation - the fact you are not a PR due to residency and when you sent the relinquishment documents. Of course, you'll need the TRV forms and evidence as well.

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