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Discussion in 'Sponsorship' started by Expat71, May 13, 2015.

  1. Expat71

    Expat71 New Member

    I am considering hiring a lawyer to process my spouse's application and when I spoke to one recently she explained that a spousal application is usually processed in 6 months when the spouses are living apart. That is the first I have heard of that and it made me very skeptical that she may just be trying to get our business. Can anyone confirm this? The Mexico website where the application is to be processed shows 19 months. Is there known way to expedite the application as this is a long time for us to be apart.
  2. Ellie123

    Ellie123 New Member

    I think it's not true. I live in Montreal and I'm in the sponsorship process, and they said that minimum it's 12 months maximum around 24 months (the worst case scenario)
  3. andrew-brit

    andrew-brit New Member

    It all depends on the applicant(s) nationality and their location. CIC decides where the applications go, it may not go to Mexico visa office.

    Also the timelines that CIC posts are not a true reflection of how long it takes. The times posted are how long it takes to process 80% of applications received, so out of that number, 50% could be approved in 8 months, for example.
  4. Expat71

    Expat71 New Member

    Well worth the wait. Thanks for the info!

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